Graphic Designer & Artist

International Center of Photography
Exhibition Design
Title wall and section graphics for “Your Mirror” exhibit on portraiture at the International Center of Photography.

Art direction: MGMT. design

Low-Tech Magazine
Print Design
Low-Tech Magazine is an anthology of article from its solar-powered web counterpart. The book maximizes the amount of text per page as well as minimizes printing ecological impact.

Part of a project that earned Honorable Mention Award at Ars Electronica 2019.

Press about the identity re-design: AIGA Eye on Design Issue 6: Utopia 

Co-designer, editor and founder of feeeels, a publication that explores that explores art, culture, politics, history, and emotions through the lens of one tactile adjective per issue.

Designed in collaboration with Angela, Lorenzo, Drew Litowitz, and Sarah Mohammadi.

The Wall El Muro
Exhibition Identity
Exhibition identity for the National Building Museum’s 2020 show, The Wall El Muro: What is a Border Wall?

Art direction: MGMT. Design

Squishy Play
Print Design, Thesis
Book design and writing on the state of work in the US. Features interviews with Paul Soulellis, Prem Krishnamurthy, and Partner & Partners, as well as essays on labor, the history of art and play, and the virtues of squishiness.

It can be downloaded and read in full here.

Rhode Island School of Design Master’s thesis

copyright 2019