Graphic Designer, Art Director & Artist

Lauren Traugott-Campbell is a graphic designer based in Portland, OR. She is the Design Director at Jacobin, and one of the four “e’s” of feeeels magazine.
         Lauren holds an MFA in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design.
Select Clients: MoMA, Rizzoli, Verso Books, International Center of Photography, Rhode Island School of Design, and National Building Museum

Select Press: It’s Nice That, AIGA Eye on Design, magCulture, and Stack

Utzon Uncovered
Book Design
Utzon Uncovered details the restoration of Jorn Utzon’s, architect of the Sydney Opera House, home in Mallorca. The book’s grid is derived from the home’s sandstone brick layout.

Art direction: MGMT. design

Jacobin Magazine
Editorial Design
Editorial design and Jacobin. 

Co-designer, -editor and -founder of feeeels, a publication that explores that explores art, culture, politics, history, and emotions through the lens of one tactile adjective per issue.

The first issue, feeeels—fuzzy has been featured on It’s Nice That and named one of “9 Design Magazines Everyone Should Read.”

Designed in collaboration with Angela, Lorenzo, Drew Litowitz, and Sarah Mohammadi.

Jacobin A/V
Identity Design
Identity for Jacobin’s podcasts and video content, Jacobin A/V. Inspired by visualizations of the electromagnetic spectrum’s radio and video frequencies, this identity uses bold lines, dithered images, and bright colors to stand out in the YouTube, iTunes, and social media landscape.

Art direction: Remeike Forbes

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