Low-Tech Magazine Identity, Website and Book

A solar-powered website and 800 page anthology acting as the print-version of Low-tech Magazine's website. LTM does not assume that every problem requires a high-tech solution. As a result, their website will now be hosted on a solar-powered server. The website uses compressed monotone images and a browser's default typeface to make it as "lightweight" as possible and use as few resources as possible.

Because of the solar-powered nature of the website, influxes in web traffic and disagreeable weather may cause the site to go offline periodically. Users are offered the opportunity to buy the print-on-demand anthology of the website as a way to read the content completely offline. Another volume of the book will be printed each year, using a different default typeface each time.

The website and book were a collaboration with Marie Otsuka, Kris De Decker and Roel Roscam Abbing and was made possible by the RISD Maharam Fellowship.

Summer 2018.

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