Africa is a Country

Identity, web and print. Client: Africa is a Country

Low←Tech Magazine Book Series Design

Book series design. Client: Low←Tech Magazine

Rank and File: Issue 22

Data visualization, editorial design and assistant art direction. Client: Jacobin Magazine

Low-Tech Magazine Book Cover Proposals

Print. Client: Low-Tech Magazine

Editorial Illustration

Digital and Print Design

Illustrator 101

Participatory design

Inconsistent Google Maps

Print and Web Archive

You, Me & Bureaurcracy

Coloring book

Student Action with Farmworks Factsheets

Publication Series Identity. Client: Student Action with Farmworkers


Client-based and self-authored prints

Block Party

Typographic Identity

Typographic Studies

Books and Printed Matter

Low←Tech Magazine

Identity and web design. Client: Low←Tech Magazine

Experiential Kite Compositions

Participatory design experience

Archive of Default Studies

Digital archive of studies of the default settings of various tools

Formal Studies

Video, Sculpture and Design Sketches